Sell A Home

Sell A Home

Sell Your House Fast

Falling behind on mortgage payments?

Facing foreclosure?

Against all odds!?

Our top foreclosure and short sale specialists will have answers and options for you.

Don’t be afraid how much you owe. Some owners owing double what their house is worth have been able to settle with lenders in full… owing nothing!!

We can help -- Call us today at


El Investment Group is a cutting edge investment group with the experience and skills to get homes sold quickly and for the most money.

We buy homes from people in many different situations including:

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Owners who need to sell estate property quickly
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Owners who want to sell rental property with problematic renters
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Owners who have been transferred or are relocating
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Owners who are going through a divorce and needing to liquidate assets
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Owners who are behind on their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure
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Owners who don't want to invest time or money into making necessary repairs

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