Erick Miller

Erick Miller

Erick Miller has been involved in property management for over 20 years. He is owner of a successful and growing property rental company. As a licensed real estate agent since 1994, Erick knows what it takes to compete in the Northeastern Ohio market.

Beginning his career with a business degree gave Erick the foundation he needed to quickly become a business owner.

As an certified Home Inspector, Erick has completed over 10,000 comprehensive home inspections and hundreds of apartment complex inspections. His inspections exceed the standards required by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI®). ASHI® is a voluntary, professional, non-profit society which demands technical proficiency and continuing education. ASHI® is the “industry standard” for excellence.

Erick’s experience in home inspection enables him to select the properties with the best potential for profit. His combined experience gives him all the skills needed to be successful buying and selling investment properties.

With personal experience flipping ready 100 houses, Erick has the experience and hands on knowledge needed to be successful in the current, often volatile housing market.

erick miller

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